Our pouches are no slouches

You’ll notice our packaging is not terribly traditional. We use pouches with really clever non-drip taps and capacities of 1.5 and 3 litres. Three reasons. No air gets in, so they keep the product fresh even after opening, without preservative chemicals: you can expect a shelf life of up to a year. The manufacturers say their carbon footprint is 80% lower than 75cl glass bottles. And because they weigh less than glass, they're cheaper and more energy-efficient to ship.

It's also been suggested that they’re compostable: all you'd need to discard is the tap. We're a bit sceptical about this. At the very least, we reckon you’d need a hot composter to break these puppies down - but we’re giving it a go in the Monkey House compost heap and will report back. 

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