Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey
6x1.5lt pouches trade sales only


Our year-round cider is a traditional farmhouse brew. At 6% abv, it’s strong enough to make a perky aperitif served chilled. And for session drinking it’s full-flavoured enough to drink over ice – or to add a little apple juice for a sweeter taste. It has its roots in France, from where the Normans are said to have brought cider to Britain in the 11th century. The juice is pressed for us from fully traceable apples in Normandy: Amere de Berthecourt, Beden, Bisquet , Brairtot, Binet Rouge, Frequin, Douce Moen, Kermerrien, Medaille d’or and Michelin. This bittersweet mix, high in both malic acid and tannin, is concentrated so we can store it through the year without preservatives. We ferment it with Champagne yeast in oak barrels to give a warm-hued medium cider with a dry finish. 

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