Craft cider that's off the beaten track

We seek out apples with character. Then we teach them to dance...

Phil learned how to craft cider in Zummerset. Oo-arr. But he’s come a long way since then. All the way to Berwick-upon-Tweed, in fact, where Northumberland meets Scotland. Tucked away on farms and estates around the Borders he found orchards producing fruit that’s perfect for ciders of character.

Today he sources apples from traditional and less-traditional areas, from Lothian to Normandy. He hand-crafts our ciders in small batches using traditional methods. And he can tweak those old-school techniques to make the flavours dance in whole new ways: small batches mean there’s always a chance to try new ideas.

That's the thing about us Borderers. Never had much time for convention. 

  • That's Aaron and Scott, by the way, at work in a lovely wee estate orchard in the Scottish Borders. Those hand-picked apples are on their way to become our limited-edition See No Evil cider.

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