Craft cider that's off the beaten track

We seek out apples with character. Then we teach them to dance...

Phil learned how to craft cider in Zummerset. Oo-arr. But he’s come a long way since then. All the way to Berwick-upon-Tweed, in fact, where Northumberland meets Scotland. Tucked away on farms and estates around the Borders he found orchards producing fruit that’s perfect for ciders of character.

Today he sources …

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...and did we mention the beer?

We're a cider house. But Phil’s also a master brewer. Couldn’t we do one or two specials, he said? No, we said. Stay focused. Then we tried his 10% abv imperial stout . This is a beer that thinks it’s a meal. A gourmet three-course meal. OK, we said – do the occasional special. Just for the craic.  

Our pouches are no slouches

You’ll notice our packaging is not terribly traditional. We use pouches with really clever non-drip taps and capacities of 1.5 and 3 litres. Three reasons. No air gets in, so they keep the product fresh even after opening, without preservative chemicals: you can expect a shelf life of up to a year. The manufacturers …

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Top cider house picks Monkey House for reopening

Berwick’s multi-award winning micropub The Curfew has chosen three of our craft ciders for its reopening on 12 April 2021. It’s offering …

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Areas Covered

We'll deliver by courier throughout the UK. For deliveries outside the UK, please contact us direct. Our licence doesn't allow us to sell direct to visitors, but you can buy our fine ciders from The Curfew in Berwick-upon-Tweed and Dean Mark butchers in Eyemouth, Scottish Borders.

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