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The Black Macaque stout

Our Russian Imperial Stout is deep, dark and heavy with molasses. At 10% abv, The Black Macaque deserves to be savoured slowly and sociably. One to sip, and feel the glow. 

Or try it in your steak and kidney or steak and ale pie. The first time, it'll seem like an extravagance. The next time, you won't want to use anything less.

We brew The Black Macaque in open-top oak casks using five malts: Maris Otter, Crystal 45, Black Patent, Chocolate and Special B. It’s top-fermented with White Labs WLP090 San Diego yeast, then dry-hopped with Columbus hops and American oak shavings.

NOSE: strong hints of coffee, chocolate, liquorice and molasses with no apparent hops. 

FLAVOUR: similar to the nose – rich, complex, full.

MOUTHFEEL: silky, full, creamy.

FUN FACTS: Black macaque monkeys enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, spending an estimated 41% of their day relaxing and socialising. They are entirely jet black – just like this imperial stout.

The original Russian Imperial Stout was crafted by English brewers in the 1700s. To create a beer robust enough to reach Russia’s imperial court in pristine condition, they increased the alcohol content and hop additions as natural preservatives.

LESS-FUN FACT: Please note we can only deliver our alcoholic products to licensed trade retailers.

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