Bag-in-box craft ciders (see 'Where to shop/drink' for licensed retailers)

See No Evil

Look away now… this is a Secret Orchard limited edition of just 400 litres. We harvested the apples from orchards on two privately owned castle estates in the Scottish Borders. To protect the owners’ privacy, we promised not to reveal exactly where. Suffice it to say, these apples have had a privileged upbringing. Using Champagne yeast in oak barrels, we fermented each crop out fully to produce two very dry, very clear ciders. Then we blended them with a little pure apple juice from the same two estates to round-out the flavour, pasteurising the blend so that touch of sweetness wouldn’t be removed by secondary fermentation. The result: a dry 6% abv still cider with a refreshing, almost citrus tanginess.

Please note we can only deliver our alcoholic products to licensed trade retailers.

For courier delivery we use standard 20lt bag-in-box packs with non-returnable cardboard boxes.

For local delivery within c20 miles of Berwick our default option is our own 20lt packs in returnable plastic boxes. These lower-profile boxes provide convenient dispense from shallower shelving and are stackable. On repeat deliveries we’ll collect the boxes for reuse and credit your account with £5 for each box in good condition.

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