Bag-in-box craft ciders (see 'Where to shop/drink' for licensed retailers)

Speak No Evil

Matured in oak. Our Somerset cider Hear No Evil has a delightful youthful energy; now discover the depth it gains when it’s all growed up. We ferment this cider in the same way, from the same apples and yeast in the same barrels – but then we leave it to mature in the oak for another four months or more. Like its younger sibling, this is a medium-dry cider with a dry finish. Age brings a little more strength and dryness. And there’s more: the oak builds on the tannin in the bittersweet apples to give a rich colour and a warming, spirituous flavour. As you’d expect, cranking up the volume to 8% abv helps to emphasise that hint of Calvados.

Please note we can only deliver our alcoholic products to licensed trade retailers.

For courier delivery we use standard 20lt bag-in-box packs with non-returnable cardboard boxes.

For local delivery within c20 miles of Berwick our default option is our own 20lt packs in returnable plastic boxes. These lower-profile boxes provide convenient dispense from shallower shelving and are stackable. On repeat deliveries we’ll collect the boxes for reuse and credit your account with £5 for each box in good condition.

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